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What is plagiarism?

In minor cases, it can be the quotation of a sentence or two, without quotation marks and without a citation (e.g., footnote) to the author.

In the most cases, a significant portion of the entire work was written by someone else: the plagiarist removes the original author name(s) and replacing it with the plagiarist's name, perhaps in some cases he modified the text and then submits the work for credit (e.g., conference paper) or as part of the requirements for a degree (e.g., thesis or dissertation), or even as a professional/personal concern (e.g., article, blog entry, news item, etc.).

Qarnet stander for citation and quotation of text is as same as international standard. Qarnet considers the two quotation mark as citation mark ( “” ). One feature for plagersim check is that Qarnet uses statistic with flat patterns and pattern root, as well as more techniques for comparison which give a powerful mechanism for detecting tricks e.g. paraphrasing.

Indication of a quotation

  • Provide a citation, either in the text or in a footnote, and
  • Either enclose their words inside quotation marks or put their words in a block of indented, single-spaced text.

We define these two things as indicia of a quotation, for ease of reference in this writing. Plagiarism is the act of quoting material without including the indica of a quotation.

Expressing a text about same idea can be plagiarism too

To avoid any doubt about originality of your work is by describe it and rank it among similar idea. Show the differences and the advantage of your work and disadvantage of similar idea. Be inventor and contribute to the field.

Paraphrasing without a citation is plagiarism

Suppose that someone reads a book and encounters this sentence: If the invented machine is used in summer, it is recommended to increase the size of water tank.

It is plagiarism to paraphrase this sentence as:
When the machine is used in winter there is no need to do any thing, but in summer you should install larger water tank.

Copying with altering the original with synonym can be considered also a copyright violation. So the right way to avoid such plagiarism is by citing any used text belongs to other by adding the source before or after the text itself, or to map it with footnote.

Another scenario of citation is that if someone needs to summarize a page of text to use it in his work. While the direct quotation would be long, he paraphrases the original work. This can be detected as plagiarism. To avoid that you need to mention that you summarize a work introduced by original author.

One can properly write one paragraph that summarizes a book, published paper, opinion of a court, etc. using a paraphrase of the publication, with just one citation to that source at either the beginning or end of one's paragraph.

QARNET system is capable to recognize number of paraphrase techniques and presents the result associated with its weigh rather than normal matching.

Text Registration and Protection

After writing your novel or non-fiction book, (or even your manuscript, online work, poetry, or other text), you'll be wanting to ensure it remains your work for you to benefit from for some time to come. Copyright over a book or article ensures that you get a set of intellectual property rights and benefits that last even beyond your death. And if you're not already sure how to copyright a text work, you might be surprised at just how easy it is to do.

If your country is a signatory to the Berne Convention, you automatically own the copyright in any literary or creative work that you make yourself. However, here are some issues: firstly, make sure that your country is signatories member to the Convention. Secondly, a critical issue is how to protect your own work before final publication. Finally, although it's very useful to know the basics of the legislation covering copyright, it can be also difficult for some people to understand this legislation and use them in their work. Therefore, QARNET Text Work Protection is designed for people who wouldn’t involve in such complexity and ease of mind.

…it is easy steps…

Step1: Create an Original Work

An Original text work is anything that you create that is not a copy of something else and that has been reduced to material form (ie it's not just an idea).

Step2: Register with QARNET Text Work protection

As soon as you upload an Original work on QARNET, a copy of that work is time- and date-stamped associated with hash value (SHA256)and saved on our secure servers.

Uploading your work on QARNET provides you with valuable evidence as well as an effective measure designed to prevent theft.

  • Generate reliable evidence while you work.
  • Protect your web site text contents.
  • Instantly generate authentication certificates.
  • Attach supporting documents and contracts.
  • Tag your work for easy search and reference.

Step3: Manage and protect your rights

  • In addition to helping you create proof that you are the author of your Original Work, QARNET will also help you create contracts, get your clients to sign them online, pursue offenders and implement effective deterrence measures.
  • Use our exclusive Contract Generator.
  • Allow your clients to sign your contracts and licences online.
  • Store and Manage all your IP documents
  • Step-by-step dispute resolution
  • Build and Manage your Copyright Cases

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