QARNET Publisher

What is QARNET Publisher?

Every year, QARNET publishes (or re-publishes) original articles, books, poetry, thesis and other forms of text. Publishing in QARNET search engine is a new technology due to trust contents which is associated automatically with protection and examination for plagiarism as well as the search features in Arabic contents.

Publishing in QARNET is open for anybody who would like to publish his work in just few steps in his/her fingers. However such publication is controlled by ranking and reader rating.

QARNET approach is modern, easier and can be accessed on a wide range of eReader devices and platforms, like the Apple iPad and your home computer. Millions of customers discover new ways to purchase and read eBooks everyday or even map them with traditional books dealer. By publishing an eBook of your own, you are empowering yourself to share your remarkable knowledge and ideas with readers all over the world – anywhere, anytime.

QARNET helps you to reach millions of readers in open markets. Publishing is FREE. When you publish with QARNET, you can be sure your fans get the most robust experience not only from reading your work but also protecting your right as publisher or author. If you have a more specific audience in mind, QARNET can also help you publish eBooks to sell to your customers in QARNET marketplace that are searchable easily.

How to publish in QARNET search engine?

Although QARNET is open for any body, we strongly recommend you to start with finding the right publisher for your work. If you already select a publisher, you can start uploading the contents directly to QARNET to protect your work and advertise it.

1. Find the right Publisher (optional)

The first step is finding the right publisher for your work. Among the thousands of journals and books publishers, QARNET is one of the world's leaders in re-publishers in electronic form. This will allow you to get ISBN number and more services.

2. Prepare your paper

The work must be original to be accepted by QARNET (we have the tool for inspect your work), and then you can follow these steps:

  • Preparing your manuscript in acceptable format (e.g. Arabic must be in .doc, .rtf) English in any format.
  • Upload your work for inspection (originality).
  • Accept Terms & Conditions for Authors' Rights, Ethics & Plagiarism.
  • If your work is passed the inspection with allowable score of quotation (less than %25), you will find a link for publishing your work. Click on it and;
  • Insert the required information (work type, title, authors, and abstract). Also insert the finance details and delivery (if it is available as hard copy).
  • Accept Terms & Conditions for publishing and click Submit.
  • Please wait until you see that your document has been submitted successfully.

3. Check Status

Once, your request for publishing has been submitted, you can check the status throughout the system process in few minutes.