About us

QARNET is private company registered in Saudi Arabia and works in advanced electronic services. It introduces smart services for beneficiaries based on high quality standards. It developed its system for plagiarism in 2009 at software technology research laboratory in UK by expert researchers in AI, Text mining and decision support.

What is Qarnet Plagcheck?

QARNET helps students and researcher to become better researcher by identifying unoriginal content in written work. It allows them to avoid some mistakes that occur normally while they submit their work. QARNET was developed with the guidance and input of experts who have a very long experience on research and academic services to help students identify the writing mistakes in a formative manner. Although such service are provided in several language, the Arabic is still not served due to its structure difficulty and the limited resources. QARNET has developed techniques and rules for recognizing Arabic text and identifying its structure. Unlike other seveices, QARNET provides a very modern feature to detect the originality. It is not only based on similarity matching, but also with detecting paraphrased text (changing the order of words or even their synonyms).

How it works?

Step1: Create an Account

Log in to Qarnet system or create a new account. It is reqular registration but you should pay in advance (for individual).

Step2: Select Plagcheck Service

Set the comparison policy you want (with internet resources, with book resources, with student coursework) and then Insert require details for your document.

Step3: Uploading your document (s)

Upload your document.

Step4: Comparison

The system will process your document automatically in background and then returns the result in html report. The system will inform you by email when the result is ready.

Step5: Collect the results

You can present the result in friendly html report and you can print it in PDF format.