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Have a look at Qarnet services and applications

Why choose QARNET?

QARNET.com is a powerful plagiarism detector based on its own data. It provides a reliable service with full confident to hundreds of clients in varies countries particularly Arab countries. QARNET uses a stat-of-the-art technology for text crawling, analysis and comparison. The results are presented in a nice report with keeping its original format. It can be printed in a friendly pdf file or even exported. The report itself is has sections for matching reference for text, matching reference for Images and each hit is clickable to the source. Also all matched hits are associated with scores of matching. This is very important for accuracy and detecting the trick of paraphrasing.

First Service in Arab World

QARNET is the first service launched in Arab world for Big-Data and text comparison for plagiarism, search engines and general purposes. The initial challenges for handling Arabic text for various analysis need is not easy and our success is reflected in our experience to extend QARNET services to a new contribution in the field.

Supporting Dual-Languages

Although QARNET plan is for Arabic language, we included English in our service due to its usage around the world. Any dual-language system requires more efforts from handling data to final shown report to be in both languages. QARNET also is extendable for other languages and it will include few more languages very soon.

Free Publishing

Once your work is processed you can publish it directly if you are willing to be available online. This service is important for Journals and conferences. This service is control by you (as owner) and even you can disable your work in any time. This service is free of charge. Please refer to Publisher.

Plagiarized Image Detection

One unique feature in our comparison service for plagiarism detection is searching also for images. If your work included an images they will be extracted, analyzed and comparison against millions of images indexed in our system.

API Integration service

QARNET provides a pre-packaged connectors integration to many widely used systems and tools. Our web services are available for systems that require access to run the comparison against our indexed data. The integrations can be built quickly and easily, reducing IT effort.

It is also provided with documentation and well designed integrations reduce training, maximize acceptance and minimize risk.


There is no chance for you to be accused of using plagiarized content due to our innovative multi-layer plagiarism checking system. Please refer to Privacy.

Competitive pricing

QARNET is aimed at rendering excellent services at affordable prices. We charge reasonable fees for our plagiarism detection tool and additional services.